A7MQ Support Group 

High school students experience tremendous pressure to perform academically, get into college, get funded and simultaneously become wholly responsible for managing their lives. Participants allocate regularly scheduled time for self-study and self-care; come together to discuss their greatest life concerns and learn stress reduction techniques.

GottaDo College® Treasure Hunt

GottaDo College® is a fictitious institution created to offer  middle and elementary school students an opportunity to work together in groups to complete an interactive activity. 

GottaDo College® Simulation: 

When schools are closed, GottaDo College® is open!  GottaDo College® Simulation participants pretend to be college students for a day starting with orientation and finishing with a graduation celebration. These eye-opening, fun-filled, mock activities are the perfect solution for what students should do on a day off from school! Each GottaDo College® Simulation is different, so students can come back again and again.  Ask about group rates.

Community Outreach

If you are concerned about your students succeeding in college, consider bringing us onsite to provide one of our early awareness initiatives.   We partner with community groups and organizations to ensure that preparing for college success is something students don't have to figure out on their own or leave to chance.  Read more about Gottado College®, Student Life Matters® and our A7MQ Support Group.   

Student Life Matters® Lecture Series

The Student Life Matters® Lecture Series is designed to make the public aware of the organizational, sociological, psychological, cultural and economic aspects of higher education and the factors that influence the college admission, financial aid and graduation processes.    Contact us to schedule a presentation for your group or event. Fees may be waived for non-profit organizations. Presentation topics, length of time, recommended audience and equipment required vary. Topics include: 

College Culture ShockAdjusting to college can be overwhelming for students who are not aware of the enormous differences between high school and college. This session introduces students and parents to the various stages of culture shock that students experience making the transition from a dependent teenager to an independent adult in a short period of time.

Set Up To Fail: A Day In The Life of A College Student
Our brightest, most gifted and talented students are getting into college and getting financial assistance, but they are rarely coming out with a degree in hand. This session examines the various aspects of institutional bureaucracy that frustrate, overwhelm and undermine the aspirations of college students. 

Anatomy of Higher Education
Understanding the nature of higher education, the differences in various types of colleges and universities and how they operate can be a daunting task. This session familiarizes parents and students with the organizational structure of higher education and the factors that influence college admission, persistence and graduation.